Pet Guinea Pigs Are for Young and Old Alike


Guinea pigs are cute, cuddly, furry, and have all the qualities of the perfect pet. If you are thinking about getting a new pet for yourself or your children then you should give serious consideration to getting not just one, but even two pet guinea pigs (I’ll explain later). They are easy, relatively low-maintenance pets and will give you and your children many years of love and affection.

Guinea pigs are found in the wild in South America. The South American guinea pigs are herd animals and live in large family groups. Guinea pigs don’t burrow and hide from other creatures, instead they live in tall grass and trees to escape their enemies. Sometimes they borrow holes that are abandoned by other diggers.

Guinea pigs in the wilds of South America have the same basic temperament as guinea pigs you would find in a pet store. Pet guinea pigs are very docile and gentle and make perfect first pets for children. They very rarely bite or scratch. They are, however, easily stressed, so they require careful handling. By nature they are timid and shy.

Guinea pigs come in several breeds. The most common are the English short hair and the Abyssinian. The English Short Hair has a short, smooth coat as opposed to the longer-haired coat of the Abyssinian. The short haired version is easier to keep clean as the long-haired version tends to get matted fur and needs to be groomed more often.

Some rodents like to live alone and sometimes will even become aggressive if kept in pairs or groups. Pet guinea pigs on the other hand are very sociable creatures, and love to live with one or more other guinea pigs. This makes them the perfect pets if you have children, because often each child will want their own pet.

Pet guinea pigs are very affectionate animals and love to be held and petted, fed, and played with. Sometimes they will purr when being held or petted. Unlike a hamster or a pet mouse, they are quite content to sit on your lap while being petted, and they won’t try to jump off your lap and wriggle away. This makes them very easy to control.

Pet guinea pigs are not really very agile and therefore do not climb well. That means that you won’t have to worry too much about having them escape from their cages. They don’t see very well either, but they have a very good sense of hearing and smell. And guess what? They’re good swimmers! Guinea pigs are very curious and always rummaging around looking for something to chew on.

After a while your pet guinea pig will consider you to be part of the herd and will recognize you. When they do they will sometimes whistle as an expression of excitement when you approach their cage or feeding is expected!